Welcome to Deep Roots Learning Solutions, Inc. We help students struggling with reading become capable and confident readers, spellers, and writers through personalized online instruction.

We use the Orton-Gillingham approach, coupled with other evidence-based techniques for teaching reading fluency, spelling, comprehension and writing, to build a program that’s just right for your child.

Is your child struggling to keep up with reading and writing in school? Maybe they did fine in first and second grade, passing their assessments and following along with the class. They might have difficulty sounding out words but make up for it with a great sight word vocabulary and terrific comprehension. 

But all of a sudden, they have hit fourth grade, or middle school, or high school, and the strategies they are using just aren’t cutting it anymore. 

They might read slowly or reluctantly. They might have been terrific, fluent readers until the teacher asked them to “read to learn” instead of just “learning to read.” They might seem to read quickly but then struggle to answer the detail-oriented questions their teachers ask, or write about what they read.

Convenient online tutoring means our students come from all over the U.S. and Canada

Map of the United States and Canada with 23 states and territories highlighted blue, to represent all the places our students have joined us from.