About Me

Beth Sullivan – Tutor

Let me tell you a secret I have learned after 10 years of teaching public school. School is not always fair. In the classroom, often, everyone gets the same thing – the same instruction, the same assignment, the same test.

But every student is different. They all come to class with their own background, their own interests, strengths and challenges. That’s what I love about tutoring! Working one-on-one, I can explore those interests and meet those challenges. I stretch children to build on their strengths and support them in the areas where they are weaker. Sometimes filling gaps in a few key skills is all a student needs! Other times, steady practice brings them closer and closer to their goals.

I love tutoring – being a detective, coach, cheerleader and learning partner all at the same time. Together with the student, we figure out how he or she learns best and we build a toolkit they can use for years to come. With each student, I use a customized combination of approaches, including Orton-Gillingham multi-sensory reading instruction, self-regulated strategy development (SRSD) for writing, technology, and a variety of tools for building fluency, self-monitoring and reading comprehension.

I have worked with students from kindergarten through college, on topics ranging from basic phonics and pre-reading skills to reading and writing in all subject areas to SAT and ACT preparation. I hold a master’s degree in Special Education, as well as Orton-Gillingham certification in multi-sensory reading instruction. In addition, I hold an Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) certification from RESNA.

When I’m not tutoring and teaching, I love to spend time with my children and my husband. I am a knitter, a baker, and a reader. I am a fan of Muppet movies and minor league baseball, Northeastern University hockey and UConn basketball.