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Is your child struggling with reading and writing? Contact us below for a free consultation and demonstration lesson to find out how we can help your child succeed.

Deep Roots Learning Solutions, Inc.
Worcester, MA
(508) 318-8867

What to expect during our phone call:

We will ask what you notice when your child reads, or what the school has reported. Is the reading:

  • slow
  • inaccurate
  • choppy?

You may want to share scores from reading assessments. It helps to know the name of the test (common ones are DRA, DIBELS, F&P Benchmark, MAP testing, etc.) as well as the score and any comment or category (such as below grade level, or 30th percentile).

We will also ask about your child’s experiences with reading so far. What kind of instruction have they had? For how long? What worked and what didn’t? Do they enjoy reading? What are they interested in?

Please share any other concerns that might be relevant:

  • Writing – composing sentences that make sense, coming up with ideas
  • Spelling – missing sounds, trouble remembering sight words, backwards letters, missing spelling rules
  • Other educational needs – difficulties with reading often coexist with other struggles. We work with students with many combinations of learning needs, including ADHD, autism, speech and language disabilities, and emotional or behavioral needs.
  • Behavioral needs- Struggling with reading and writing can be exhausting and frustrating. Frustrated kids act out. They get silly or sullen. They avoid work, destroy materials, and respond rudely. We work very hard to build a respectful learning relationship with all our students. We understand that before we can expect cooperation and hard work from struggling students, we first have to earn their trust and respect. If you are concerned that your child’s behaviors will interfere with reading tutoring, please do reach out. We are happy to work with parents to customize our approach to make it accessible to all kinds of learners.