Join my Summer Reading Adventure!

Summer reading can become a battleground for kids who don’t enjoy reading. For some kids, it’s a struggle to find the right book. For others, there are so many fun activities available that it’s hard to stop and pick up a book. Still others are busy with camp, activities, and sports practice, or they are with a babysitter during the day while their parents are at work.

Even though it’s really challenging to sit down and get it done, summer reading is hugely important! When September comes, you and your child’s teacher will see a difference between kids who stretched their reading skills this summer and kids who took the summer off. And that difference, called “the summer slide,” can cost your child.

This year, join my Summer Reading Adventure

For 6 weeks, we will meet once a week, online, to discuss what we read and practice key reading skills like paraphrasing, summarizing, asking and answering questions and predicting. In each 45-minute session, I will lead students in a discussion of the assigned chapters and model note-taking and written responses to what we read. We’ll enjoy a book, motivate each other to finish the story and practice discussion and reading skills students will need in the coming school year.

Groups will consist of between 2 and 5 students, in the same grade as your child, or in a two-grade span (entering fourth and fifth grade, for example). I will select a book for each group based on student interests, but I will not be reading the exact books that were assigned by your child’s school for the summer.

If you’re interested in getting your child into the Summer Reading Adventure, complete this Google Form. You don’t have to commit yet. This form just helps me plan for a great program with specific students in mind. If you fill out the form today, you’ll get an email from me later this spring with final dates and times and registration information.

Cost: $125 per student. This includes six 45-minute meetings and a printable reading guide with questions and space for notes and comments. I’ll also mail each student an packet with strategy bookmarks and reminders they can put in their reading notebook or homework area. And who doesn’t love mail?

I’m looking forward to some great reading this summer! Come join me!

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