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Are your preschoolers ready to start school? Get the ebook "4 Big Things to Teach Your Kids Before Kindergarten" at Amazon today.

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It’s September. Back to School is in full swing for most big kids, or it will be this week. Now it’s time to turn your attention to your little people, the ones with a year or two before they start kindergarten. 

If your child is four, or even three, you might be watching the big kids getting on that yellow bus and thinking about how far your child has to go before they get to “big school,” as my four-year-old calls it. I wrote this book as a response to lots of questions and anxieties I was hearing from parents, some about specific skills (“How many sight words should my child know when they start kindergarten?”) and some about broader concerns (“What if my child is too afraid to ask for help?” “What if they won’t eat their lunch?”)

After years of getting to know kindergartners as a special education teacher, I have seen many successful transitions to school from many different families. I have also seen some kids struggle for reasons that have nothing to do with how smart they are or how much they and their parents want a good school experience. Sometimes those concerns or differences work themselves out over the following year, but other times kids fall behind and stay behind because of something that they needed way back in kindergarten.

So I wrote a book about it. 

It’s a quick read, focused on 4 skill areas that make a difference for kids when they start school. There are sections on physical skills (self-help as well as motor skills), learning skills (like independence and following directions), social skills (self-advocacy and interacting with others) and academic skills (nuts and bolts things like learning their address or phone number). 

And, maybe the best news of all, it’s FREE on Amazon until this Thursday, 9/5. Grab a copy for yourself and please share with anyone you know who has a future kindergartener!

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What is (or was) your biggest concern about your child starting kindergarten? Leave a comment below.

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