Reading Comprehension Tutoring

At Deep Roots Learning Solutions, we’re committed to helping your child overcome reading challenges with care and expertise. If your child faces reading comprehension issues due to dyslexia, ADHD, autism, or other obstacles, we’re here to provide professional guidance and practical strategies. Our goal is to empower your child to navigate the world of words with confidence and joy.

Understanding Your Child’s Reading Challenges:

Reading comprehension difficulties can come from several sources. Some students have trouble decoding words. Others have limited background knowledge or vocabulary. Some struggle with understanding text structure – which makes it difficult to make predictions or inferences. These challenges often make it tough for your child to grasp the main idea, make connections, or infer meaning from what they read.

Tailored Support for Your Child:

At Deep Roots Learning Solutions, we understand that every child is unique. Our approach begins with a comprehensive assessment to identify your child’s specific needs. Reading comprehension issues are often found alongside difficulties with decoding words, spelling, or reading fluently. We thoroughly assess reading skills in all areas of need. From there, we customize our support to address those needs effectively, nurturing their strengths and building their reading skills.

Reading More, Reading Better:

We believe in the power of both quantity and quality when it comes to reading. Encouraging your child to read regularly helps improve fluency and confidence. We also focus on exposing them to a variety of texts, including stories, articles, and multimedia, to expand their understanding and enjoyment of reading.

Building Knowledge and Vocabulary:

We recognize the importance of background knowledge and vocabulary in comprehension. Some reading comprehension issues come down to a lack of background knowledge, or a limited vocabulary. Our sessions include activities designed to broaden your child’s knowledge base and vocabulary, making it easier for them to understand and connect with what they read.

Choosing the Right Resources:

For some children, accessing audiobooks can be beneficial, especially if they have difficulty processing written text. We provide guidance on how to use audiobooks effectively while also encouraging engagement with print materials to develop visual literacy skills.

Proven Strategies for Success:

Our approach is grounded in evidence-based strategies that have been shown to improve reading comprehension. We teach techniques like questioning, summarizing and writing notes to help your child navigate different types of questions and find information within a text. Summarizing is another tool we use to reinforce understanding and retention of key concepts.

Professional Support, Lasting Results:

With our expert guidance and personalized approach, we aim to not only resolve your child’s reading comprehension issues but also to foster a lifelong love of reading. We are here to support your child every step of the way, helping them build confidence and achieve success.

Get in Touch for a Free Consultation:

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