Summer Reading Bingo!

Are you dreading summer reading requirements from school? Making sure your kids are prepared with good books and a clear plan goes a long way. And you know what else? A fun summer reading bingo board helps, too!

When I was a kid, I loved to read on the floor, with the book over my head. As a teenager, my favorite reading spot was a shady field in a park near where I lived. One summer, I had a rocking chair on a balcony. Another, I had a favorite lawn chair on the shady front porch.

I don’t remember what I read in those spots, but I remember feeling peaceful and enjoying my reading experience. Use this board to help your child make their own happy reading memories!

This FREE summer reading bingo board is a great way to introduce fun and flexibility into your summer reading routine! I made this board to inspire students to expand their reading horizons this summer! Check out reading material outside their comfort zone! Discover a new cozy reading spot!

1. Print a copy of the board for each person in your family, or play with friends!

2. Set goals. Are you going for 5 in a row? Filling the whole board?

3. Set a deadline! Make sure you leave yourself enough time at the end of the summer to celebrate reaching your goals!

4. Decide the stakes. First one done doesn’t have to do laundry in September? Ice cream party for the group when you are all finished? Up to you!

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