Tutoring Services

Why one-on-one tutoring?

If you’re exploring tutoring, you know your child is not getting what they need from school. A classroom teacher follows a curriculum and is accountable to the school or district for teaching certain things in a certain order. But not all kids need those same things in that same order. In fact, they might need more time on one skill area, like vocabulary or reading fluency, and much less time in another area, like creative writing. With one-on-one tutoring, I plan flexible lessons, based on the results of quick, informal, assessments that get results faster.

Online or In Person?

When most people think about hiring a tutor, they imagine meeting someone at the library or having someone come to the house. But thanks to the many free technology tools available today, it’s possible to meet with a tutor online and take advantage of flexibility and efficiency. There are many advantages to online tutoring for busy families.¬†Even younger students can enjoy the benefits of online tutoring, as long as they can point and click with the mouse or tap and drag on a touch screen.

Contact me today for a free 30-minute phone or Skype consultation to find out how online tutoring can help your child succeed!

For some students, though, in-person tutoring is still the best option. These include the youngest students I work with (usually second grade or younger) and some students who are highly distractable. Interestingly, some students with attention challenges actually find it easier to meet online with the help of headphones to block out distractions in their environment. In the online session, I can limit the available information on the screen and help guide their focus. I do offer in-person consultations in the Worcester, MA area, but I am only accepting new students for online tutoring at this time.

My rate is $65 per hour for one-on-one tutoring.

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