Decodable Books for Kids

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  • Simple Words Books by Cigdem Knebel. Lots of titles, Sam Is Stuck is a perfect place to start.
  • Sue Marasciulo’s decodable graphic novels. Middle grades kids love graphic novels, and this one is filled with words they can sound out independently. The first is Hot Chips, Mad Fish and Other Tales.
  • High Noon Books Lots of options for different ages. Make sure you stick with the phonics/decodable options.
  • Sprouting Seeds decodable poems by Emily Gibbons. The early poems are the simplest and the concepts get more challenging throughout the book. Repeated reading helps with fluency, and poems are great for quick repeated readings!

For younger readers

  • Bob Books by Lynn Kertell Maslen, Bobby Lynn Maslen and John R. Maslen. These are a great starting point for kids just learning to sound out words. This is appropriate for primary grades readers, but the tiny pages and cute pictures make them less useful for older beginners.

Free resources

  • Core Knowledge Language Arts “Skills Units”. These FREE printable story collections are carefully controlled for phonics concepts and I like having a book with many short “chapters.” Note: the text in the regular CKLA lessons is not decodable for young readers, but the “Kindergarten [or other grade level] Skills” units for each grade include great decodable text!
  • Flyleaf Publishing – Flyleaf offers lots of decodable stories online. These are beautiful picture books, with engaging stories, and they are currently offered as ebooks for free.