How to Organize a Kid Who Keeps Losing Planners

Does your child have trouble remembering assignments? Know what to do but not where the paper is? Know exactly what is needed….but it’s at school? Well, clearly, they need to use a planner to stay organized.

That seems great, until they lose the planner in a week or two. Then what?

Unfortunately, building a system for keeping track of things around a thing your kid needs to keep track of can be a losing battle. Ideally, using a planner is part of a larger system where there is support at school and at home for building good routines and always keeping the planner in its rightful place.

But if that’s still a work in progress, you might need to use something a little more disposable, or at least easily replaceable, to get the ball rolling. That’s why I created this one page planner template. The idea is simple: instead of a whole year’s worth of pages, which could be irretrievably lost anywhere between school and home, this planner can be printed on brightly colored paper, hole-punched in a binder or stapled right into a homework folder. You can customize the page with your child’s class schedule, more room to write, and weekly reminders like bringing a band instrument on Tuesdays, or studying for a vocab test every Thursday. For most kids, printing these pages two-sided, with a whole week on one sheet of paper, will give them enough room.

Start a folder or binder at home for them to file old sheets in, in case they need to refer to things later. Or increase the responsibility by stapling together a month’s worth of pages as they start to learn to plan for future weeks.

Download the one-page planner printable here.

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