Orton-Gillingham and Dyslexia Resources

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Dyslexia Tutoring/Orton-Gillingham Tutoring

If you are looking for an Orton-Gillingham tutor or an instructor that can support a child with reading difficulties, including dyslexia, these resources may help. Please note, these are listed for informational purposes, and are not meant as an referral or endorsement of any individual or organization listed.

Dyslexia and Literacy Learning for Parents

Decodable Books for Kids

  • Simple Words Books by Cigdem Knebel
  • Bob Books by Lynn Kertell Maslen, Bobby Lynn Maslen and John R. Maslen. These are a great starting point for kids just learning to sound out words.
  • Core Knowledge Language Arts “Skills Units” – these printable story collections are carefully controlled for phonics concepts and I like having a book with many short “chapters.” Note: the text in the regular lessons is not decodable for young readers, but the “Kindergarten [or other grade level] Skills” units for each grade include great decodable text!
  • Flyleaf Publishing – Flyleaf offers lots of decodable stories online. These are beautiful picture books, with engaging stories, and they are currently offered for free (through the 2022-2023 school year, at least).


  • Epic Books – ebook and audiobook subscription service with a growing catalogue of titles – Best for elementary age students.
  • Libby – use your public library’s ebook and audiobook catalogue on your iOS or Android device.