Dyslexia Tutoring Resources

Dyslexia and Orton-Gillingham Learning for Parents

When parents first learn of their child’s dyslexia diagnosis, one of the first and most consistent pieces of advice they hear is, “Get a tutor.” Because schools are struggling to teach reading in many places, it can be essential to find help for your child outside of school. Here, you’ll find Orton-Gillingham resources, from decodable books you can read at home to sources for finding a tutor.

Decodable Books for Kids

If you are looking for a certified Orton-Gillingham tutor, you are in the right place. Contact us to discuss whether online Orton-Gillingham tutoring is the right fit for your child. 

Tutoring for students with dyslexia

Children’s Dyslexia Center provides Orton-Gillingham tutoring at no cost to families, for students who qualify.

The Children’s Dyslexia Center also lists tutors who have graduated from their program and are available for private tutoring.

Your local Decoding Dyslexia branch will have parents who can recommend effective tutors near you.

Use the International Dyslexia Association directory to find tutors.

Email the Orton-Gillingham Academy for a list of their local tutors.

Use the Tutor Finder at The Literacy Nest website.

Other OG and Literacy Tutors

We offer 1:1 Orton-Gillingham tutoring for students in grades 3 and up. Please contact us at any time about setting up an online tutoring consultation.

If you are looking for an Orton-Gillingham tutor or an instructor that can support a child with reading difficulties, including dyslexia, these resources may help. Please note, these are listed for informational purposes, and are not meant as an referral or endorsement of any individual or organization listed. 

Please contact them directly for more information.